We have had the opportunity to work with TAS on a few projects on the last couple years.  Pete Black was the super on all of these projects.  Pete was a pleasure to work with, not only during the construction phase but also in the pre-construction phase.  Pete was able to review the drawings during the bid phase and identify specific areas of interest that either created a problem in the actual construction or provided an opportunity for potential cost savings to the owner.  I recall on the last project we recently completed in  downtown Houston, Pete identified an area of the basement where we were able to revise a structural on-grade podium to a much thinner slab-on-grade with grade beams supported on with deep piers.  This change to the concrete design saved not only money for the owner but also considerable time in the construction schedule.

Pete Black and TAS always do a great job working with the design team during the pre-construction phase to ensure the construction is built in schedule and stays within budget.