OSHA Partner through Houston AGC

Safety has always been our number one focus at TAS Concrete Construction. Safe job sites make for happy employees as well as happy customers that turn into repeat clients and long-lasting relationships. Our emphasis on concrete construction safety can be seen by our impeccable record of few job site incidents and our commitment to investigating any incidents quickly and thoroughly.

SafetyOur brilliant safety record is further validated by our awards and partnerships. We have been an OSHA partner with Houston AGC since 2006. An OSHA Strategic Partnership proves that we have eliminated serious health and safety hazards around job sites and have created a safe, secure workplace for our employees. In addition, we have been recognized by OSHA as Exemplary Associates since 2008.

Several of our employees have also won awards and recognition for the parts they have played in our goal of complete safety on the job site. However, our stance on company and employee safety extends far beyond awards and plaques. In fact, it is a value that we put into play every day on every construction site. Our employees attend regular meetings and receive education on commercial construction safety to ensure that they understand and hold our same standards. Through mentoring solutions with long-time employees, accident investigations and regular monitoring of our crews for safety compliance, we ensure that you can place your complete trust in the safety you will experience with TAS Concrete Construction.

SafetyFinally, our Experience Modifier Rate, or EMR, is exceptionally low, showing that we have a low likelihood of job accidents or insurance claims. While the industry average is 1.0, we are exceptionally proud of our current rate of 0.5 for 2018. In past years, we have maintained a low rate of 0.45 since 2015.

With our emphasis on professionalism and quality workmanship, you can choose TAS Concrete Construction with confidence, knowing that our concrete construction safety rating is among the best in the industry.