Truckast Application (1) – Intellirock II™ (2)

Concrete technology has allowed TAS Concrete Construction to become the best at what we do. By investing in such new technologies as Truckast Concrete Technology and Intellirock II™, we can communicate with our truck drivers efficiently while also allowing our clients to stay informed throughout the entire concrete pour and finish process. We can also measure our poured concrete, save our job site files and get real-time information at our fingertips. Instead of relying on guesswork, we can now depend on receiving accurate information about concrete pours, which helps our crews determine what they should work on next.

Truckast Application

Truckast Concrete Technology is an innovative app that allows contractors, clients and drivers to communicate in real time, eliminating wasted time and money as well as guesswork and poor performance on the job site. Not only do we use this app for everyday concrete pour needs, but also our concrete contractors can use past data from the app to estimate work times, resolve job site issues and audit concrete pours.

Our concrete contractors and drivers can access Truckast on their tablets and phones as well as in their trucks. With the push of a button, the app will show them current orders and give them pertinent information for concrete pours, such as temperature, humidity, evaporation rates and much more, to create a truly seamless commercial construction process.

Intellirock II™

In addition, we rely on Intellirock II™ to give us important data on the strength and security of poured concrete even in hazardous conditions. By determining the strength of in-place concrete without the need for field-drawn cylinders, we can easily determine if we can move ahead with a job or if we need to wait for the concrete to become safer for our crew. Intellirock II™ also lets us send secure data files and organize and process pertinent job site information.

Using Truckast Concrete Technology and Intellirock II™, we can simplify jobs for our structural concrete contractor and field crew from TAS Concrete Construction while continuing to create the safest possible turnkey commercial structures for our clients.