Today’s smart worksite requires the newest technology to allow structural concrete contractors, field crews and laborers to work quickly and accurately. Teamwork is incredibly important and is one of our guiding tenets here at TAS Concrete Construction. The key to teamwork is regular communication, and one of the ways that we accomplish this is with the help of PlanGrid. Concrete placement technology is made smarter, swifter and less burdensome both to our crew and to our clients with PlanGrid.

Communication is Key on Concrete Construction Projects

Without proper communication on commercial job sites, work is slowed down, and laborers are left feeling unsure of what they should do. Plus, contractors may be unable to find the correct blueprints and designs for their work. Concrete placement technology with PlanGrid helps eliminate nearly all of these concerns by allowing our TAS Commercial Concrete crew to stay connected on the field. PlanGrid gives our team real time answers and solutions to help them continue with their work. They can find, upload, revise and submit plans nearly instantaneously while also connecting with their supervisors for immediate guidance.

PlanGrid provides software that can be used on tablets, smartphones and Windows-based computers. It has helped eliminate the need for bulky paper blueprints that were difficult to adjust and easy to lose. Today, our concrete contractors can change and submit blueprints for review with a few taps of a finger. They can also log job site observations immediately to identify possible problems and solutions.

While communication is key on a concrete construction project, time savings is also integral. With PlanGrid, TAS Concrete Construction can help all of our clients benefit from today’s industry-shaping technologies to improve efficiency, stay on schedule and maximize quality of all concrete construction projects.