The conventional methods for building towers and high-rise buildings were limited at best. In prior decades, large cranes were required to build stairwells, elevator shafts and similar hollow-core concrete features. However, this type of equipment took up much space and left laborers exposed to the elements in somewhat unsafe conditions at times. However, with the addition of self-climbing hydraulic core equipment to the concrete construction industry, building these types of concrete commercial buildings has become significantly easier and more efficient. This ensures that our job completion times at TAS Concrete are shortened for money savings on all turnkey projects.

Efficient Concrete Placement by Texas Contractors

A self-climbing hydraulic core works independently of a crane to support concrete construction in hollow-core buildings. Concrete placement in Texas is incredibly efficient thanks to this type of technology, and many hours of labor are saved on our major projects. We no longer have to take numerous hours to assemble a crane before construction can even begin. Instead, the core wall is raised simultaneously with concrete placement for significant time savings. Plus, the hydraulic core can be easily controlled remotely through our on-site tablet devices.

No matter what type of weather we are working in here in Texas, our self-climbing hydraulic core technology is available to help. Our hydraulic core even functions well in the extreme heat of Texas, creating safe, enclosed conditions for all our laborers.

Whether you need a high-rise building constructed or some concrete work completed in a stairwell or elevator shaft, our self-climbing hydraulic core from TAS Concrete provides smart and safe concrete placement in Texas.