Cutting-edge technology helps us do our job well and provide our customers with superior concrete construction. They can speed up our work, help us communicate with our clients quickly and provide fast and accurate changes while on the field. All this lets us provide you with turnkey-ready workmanship, which is great for your bottom line and results in less lost work for you as well. In particular, our concrete contractors rely on our FARO™ Focus Laser Scanner on a majority of our projects to give us three-dimensional measurements for buildings, stadiums and other major projects.

FARO™ Focus Laser Scanner

The FARO™ Focus Laser Scanner is a highly portable tool readily available for use at our concrete construction sites. We primarily use it for taking large measurements of intricate spaces. The FARO brand is highly accurate and incredibly reliable. It has been used for years, and we ensure that we use the most up-to-date model available.

Our FARO™ Focus Laser Scanners are 2 million-point laser scanners with a tolerance of 3,000 per inch. The integrated touch-screen provides us with on-site information to help us speed your project along to completion. The scanner can be used in all types of environments, including in the high heats for which Central Texas is known as well as in very dirty, dusty and wet conditions.

By getting real-world information at our fingertips while on the job, we have eliminated much of the hassle of taking measurements back to the office to work on them several days later. Now, using the FARO™ Focus Laser Scanner, we can provide our clients with immediate numbers and give our crews the information they need to continue their jobs.