From Hydraultic Cores to Laser Focus Scanners for Texas Concrete Contractor

At TAS Concrete Construction, we believe that the latest and best in technology not only can help our contractors and field crews get their work done quickly and with limited problems but also can provide our customers with the expert service that they have come to expect from commercial concrete contractors. We continually stay up-to-date with advanced technology that helps us synchronize our concrete pours, communicate in the field and provide our clients with up-to-the minute plan revisions. From in-truck GPS to tablets in the field for instant communication and resources, we believe in investing in our work crews so that you can reap the benefits.

Some of the great technology in concrete construction that we currently use includes PlanGrid, Truckast and Intellirock. Each of these innovations allow us to work in the moment, creating quick changes when necessary, communicating with our large work crew, sending secure work files to clients and giving us information about the best time to pour concrete.

While we depend on our vast resources of manpower and construction equipment on every project, technology in commercial concrete construction is crucial to a high-quality job and satisfied clients. When you choose TAS Concrete Construction for your next project, you can know that you are working with a Texas concrete contractor who has all of the latest resources at his fingertips.

Improved technology is changing lives around the world, and this is particularly true in the sector of commercial construction. Changes to concrete and to the equipment our Texas concrete contractor uses to get each job done help us save time on the worksite while providing each of our clients with a superb turnkey project. Because technology in commercial concrete construction is constantly changing, we ensure that TAS Concrete Construction remains on the front lines of the industry by investing in the latest, most beneficial innovations for concrete placement and finishing.