Organization Flow Chart

TAS Concrete HeadquartersHaving enough people on the job is vital if you want projects completed swiftly. When you work with TAS as your concrete contractor, you are choosing a company that has the concrete construction manpower at its disposal to get your job done on time. Instead of having to hire out much of the work to other companies, we can do all concrete construction work ourselves.

Our many employees include concrete contractors to oversee job sites, field engineers to plan the work and laborers of all types to complete every type of job. In addition, we employ our own carpenters, rodbusters, finishers, patching crews and equipment operators. From on-site work to support in the TAS Concrete Construction yard and service and maintenance building, we believe in self-sufficiency to keep our company running smoothly.

TAS EmployeeNot only do we have plenty of staff serving Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio Texas, but also our crew is known for its premier safety rating. In construction work, an EMR rating can make or break a company. We are incredibly proud of our very low EMR rating, which is currently at 0.5 and has been at 0.45 in past years. This low number shows that we have a highly experienced staff and work crew whose priority is keeping worksites safe. Each of our employees are mentored by older and more experienced staff and regularly attend safety meetings.

With such impressive concrete construction manpower, we are able to handle 3.1 million man hours of concrete work every year. We can provide real time answers, quickly revise drawings and plans for your needs and immediately process submittal reviews to give you with the answers you need for quick job turnarounds.

At TAS Concrete Construction, we are all about our people. Our employees are important to us, and that shows in the high quality of work we provide. Choose us for our superior concrete construction manpower and discover the TAS culture that sets us apart from other area concrete contractors. Whether you are a first-time or a returning client, we are sure that you will be excited by our approach to teamwork and client-focused services.