Concrete Equipment for Texas Concrete Contractors

TAS Concrete Pump FleetWithout the right concrete contractor equipment, an extensive commercial job will not be able to be completed well or on time. That is why TAS Concrete Construction maintains our own fleet of equipment that allows us to complete all types of projects, including pumping, patching and finishing, and to create high quality turnkey projects for all types of commercial and industrial clients throughout Houston, Dallas – Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio Texas.

Concrete job sites require a wide range of professional equipment to complete even the tallest, largest and most complex projects, including industrial plants and high-rise buildings. At TAS Concrete Construction, we have exactly what your company needs to get your project off to a great start and to get it completed quickly. Our complete concrete contractor equipment includes tower cranes, pump trucks, placing boom and trailer pump combos, pour and finish trucks, motorgraders, bulldozers, excavators, manlifts, forklifts and much more. In fact, we own over 40 of our own backhoes. This wide range of company-owned equipment lets us work on numerous projects simultaneously.

TAS Pump TruckIn addition to owning our own equipment, we are also able to service and provide general maintenance on them at our in-house service and maintenance building where talented employees ensure that each piece of equipment, including our TAS shipping fleet trucks, are working optimally.

Let TAS Concrete Construction help you on your next project with our wide range of commercial construction and specialty concrete contractor equipment. We ensure that our equipment is completely up-to-date and that we are implementing the newest technology on all of our projects. Our Texas concrete contractors can help you plan and complete your next project while keeping the work in-house for an ideal turnkey experience.