For your project, concrete placement will determine the strength, durability, and longevity of your concrete structure. Therefore, it’s important to choose a concrete contractor who can precisely and effectively place your concrete. No matter how strong a concrete mix is, incorrect concrete placement and finishing practices can cause many negative outcomes.

Planning for Your Concrete Project

Before your concrete contractor can begin pouring your concrete, first there is a lot of planning that takes place. Once the concrete placement process begins, there is no way to pause the project. Therefore, your concrete specialists will ensure that they have all the equipment needed available. Additionally, depending on the project, they also need to ensure that the formula will function properly for the intended use. Finally, they will create the formwork needed for your project. Concrete placing framework needs to be strong enough to withstand warping and water tight to prevent leaks and spills. Once all of these elements are precisely planned, the concrete placement process can begin.

Concrete Placement for Success

Your contractor also needs to use specific concrete placement techniques to ensure a strong concrete structure for your needs. There are many environmental factors that can hinder the placement and curing process, such as temperature. For example, hot temperatures can cause your concrete to dry out too quickly and create weak spots. Your concrete placers also must work as quickly as possible to ensure that different concrete layers properly intermix. Otherwise, your concrete could have weak spots or cold joints, which occurs when concrete layers don’t intermingle properly due to improper concrete placement.

Then, once the concrete pouring process is over, your contractor then needs to consolidate the layers and remove air bubbles from the mix so it will cure properly. The most common way to consolidate concrete is to use internal or external vibration to merge the layers and remove weak points created by air pockets. 

Concrete Finishers for Visible Concrete Surfaces

Before your concrete hardens, concrete finishers also need to perform some vital services to ensure that your project is successful. Concrete finishers are the personnel that create the joints in concrete that help prevent expansion cracks. Additionally, for visible concrete, they will create the texture you wish in your concrete. Therefore, concrete finishing is just as important as the planning and placement process. Because of all the different elements of successful concrete placement and finishing, work with a skilled team of concrete specialists to ensure that your concrete project goes smoothly.

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