TMC Residence and Hotel

We appreciated TAS’s involvement in a design-assist role for the TMC Hotel project.  The early pricing information was helpful, and we appreciated your vetting the rebar takeoff with the information that we provided.  I know that your input with constructability comments for the complicated rebar placement in the mat foundation at the elevator pits helped that installation go smoothly.  In addition to expressing my appreciation for these specific tasks, I want to thank you for the attitude of your team members.  Everyone was friendly and wanted to make the job a success.  We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Wally Ford
Senior Principal
Structural Engineering

Market Square Tower

Walter P Moore structural engineers worked with TAS Concrete on Market Square Tower. Structurally complex portions of the project include the 14’ tall concrete outrigger walls at the top of the tower, the Level 40 pool which cantilevers over the edge of the tower, and the Level 2 pool structure. These complex areas required a high degree of care and precision with formwork and bar placement due to the heavily reinforced areas. TAS carefully installed the reinforcing steel while consulting with Walter P Moore about recommended improvements in some areas to reduce congestion.

The steps taken by TAS, particularly in unconventional areas of the structural frame, helped to ensure that the structural integrity was preserved and that adequate concrete consolidation was achieved. Having TAS on board was a benefit to this project through their proactive involvement in complex areas of the structure, and the ideas they offered throughout the project resulted in a streamlined process with no major issues.

  • TAS was awarded the project after the preliminary pricing round and prior to IGMP release – 4 months before the start of construction:
  • Mat foundation construction joint eliminated.
  • Level 2 Pool Amenity area: The IGMP document set revised the Level 2 Pool Amenity area into a pan slab with a 40” deep joist (a non-standard pan depth) which had 4’-6” of Styrofoam build up above the pan slab.  This increased the cost on the project by $165,000.00. TAS proposed to create a pool that hung suspended between beams with flat PT slabs. TAS partnered with the GC and Engineer to provide 2 alternate forming designs while reducing the amount of Styrofoam build up.


Tim Santi, P.E.
Walter P. Moore

Pete Black And The Construction Process

We have had the opportunity to work with TAS on a few projects on the last couple years.  Pete Black was the super on all of these projects.  Pete was a pleasure to work with, not only during the construction phase but also in the pre-construction phase.  Pete was able to review the drawings during the bid phase and identify specific areas of interest that either created a problem in the actual construction or provided an opportunity for potential cost savings to the owner.  I recall on the last project we recently completed in  downtown Houston, Pete identified an area of the basement where we were able to revise a structural on-grade podium to a much thinner slab-on-grade with grade beams supported on with deep piers.  This change to the concrete design saved not only money for the owner but also considerable time in the construction schedule.

Pete Black and TAS always do a great job working with the design team during the pre-construction phase to ensure the construction is built in schedule and stays within budget.

D. Alan Birbeck, P.E.
United Structural Consultants, Inc.