Veterans’ Memorial

Sugar Land, TX – on September 30th, a new memorial honoring local veterans was unveiled at Sugar Land’s Memorial Park.

The memorial features an obelisk with five concrete walls. The five walls symbolize the five branches of the military. By Memorial Day 2014, these walls will contain the names of local soldiers that have given the ultimate sacrifice. The unique design allows the light to shine and illuminate these names. To reach this distinctive monument, you must first walk through a symbolic concrete entry way and cross over a bridge to a peninsula, where the obelisk is located. Visitors are then able to walk within the memorial and experience the incredible design that allows the sunlight to reflect through the openings. Some visitors have said that the monument creates the illusion of an aircraft flying when viewed from across the lake, which seems to be fitting.

The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) donated this memorial through the Legacy Foundation, which was established in 2010 to promote community investment in facilities and activities that enhance the long-term prosperity and quality of life for Sugar Land residents.

Jeffrey Brown, of Powers Brown Architecture teamed up with Gene Reed of E.E. Reed Construction, LP. to donate their services so this idea could become a reality. TAS stepped in to aid in these contributions, to help ensure that the quality of craftsmanship was at the highest standards for such an important and impacting memorial.

TAS is also a member of the TCA, as is Powers Brown Architecture and E.E. Reed Construction.