ware house concreteAt first glance, industrial concrete construction in warehouses and distribution centers may seem to be simplistic. After all, many of these buildings are little more than large, open spaces that require flat areas for machinery and equipment. However, warehouse concrete placement actually requires a great deal of attention to detail as the floor must be perfectly smooth and level for employee safety as well as for optimal equipment functioning. At TAS Commercial Concrete, we are an expert when it comes to pouring and finishing all types of warehouses and industrial spaces, ensuring a perfect finish.

Commercial Concrete Contractor for Warehouse Construction

TAS Commercial Concrete has been providing incredibly high-quality concrete placement in all types of industrial spaces for over 40 years. We have performed numerous slab-on-grade as well as tilt-up construction projects for a variety of popular sites across Texas, including the High Ridge Industrial Park, MaPei Distribution Center and Igloo Distribution Center. We have even provided industrial concrete construction for such well-known brands as Anheuser Busch, Fed Ex, Walgreens and Sysco Foods. Our attention to detail and insistence on the safest construction techniques is what sets us apart from the competition.

One of the main reasons that we can provide premier service on large slab projects is because we have many outstanding resources. We have hundreds of staff throughout Texas with over 800 employees at our Houston location alone. In addition, we have the equipment needed to see a concrete placement project through to completion. By relying mainly on in-house equipment and technology, we can ensure that our clients’ industrial concrete construction projects are completed on time. Plus, our dedicated commercial concrete contractor will walk with each client through every step of the process.