education constructionEducational facilities represent places of learning as well as safety and security for academics of all ages. A beautiful and useful academic facility begins with an excellent construction plan, which requires teamwork to facilitate. At TAS Concrete Construction, we have the experience necessary to work with clients, engineers and architects to create seamless plans that move along right on schedule. Many educational projects have tight timelines because of specific school needs or class schedules. Our contractors can work within any type of timeline while providing premium quality materials to create the ideal space for all customers.

In addition, as a premier concrete contractor we can work with concrete placement around steel frames and can assist with cast-in-place frames and architectural concrete. We understand that the needs of K-12 schools and universities can be exceedingly different, but our years of experience allow us to work in any situation and cooperate with other professionals to give our clients an ideal turnkey building.

Educational facility construction does come with its own unique set of possible complications. On some campuses, children or adults may still be taking classes during construction. Pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic can become quite busy during certain seasons, and you may need a concrete construction company that can work around these possible problems. You can feel confident in choosing TAS Concrete Construction because we have an incredibly low EMR rating and a dedication to the highest safety standards that sets us apart from other concrete construction companies in Texas.

Our decades of educational facility construction experience combined with our dedication to using the latest technology ensure an exceptional finished structure. When you choose TAS, you will experience the benefits of working with a respected leader in the concrete construction field.